The Most Exclusive Boutique Hotel in Porto

A 19th century iron warehouse has given way to a luxurious design & boutique hotel in the historic center of downtown Porto. In an intimate and exclusive space, there are 9 rooms and 3 apartments, where each one weaves its own narrative to create an unique experience for each guest. Visit us to discover the beauty of Porto in the city’s most unique space!


Our architecture and design make each of our rooms unique. Combined with our excellent service, we offer a unique and personalised experience to those who visit us. Choose the perfect room for you and come and discover Porto in the city’s most exclusive luxury boutique hotel.


On the famous Rua das Flores, the most beautiful flats in the city of Porto have sprung up. Unique spaces that combine the functions of a flat with the special touch of architecture and design that characterise Armazém Luxury Housing. Choose the flat that’s right for you and discover Porto in the city’s most exclusive luxury boutique hotel.

Porto's Most Exclusive Boutique Hotel

We were born from a dream. The challenge of transforming a 19th century iron warehouse into a storehouse of experiences for sharing unique moments with those we love the most.

Each room weaves its own narrative, providing new experiences with each visit, with a harmony of colours that rest the soul and awaken the senses.

In every corner we find containers of emotions, generators of experiences in which concrete, iron and wood contrast with the delicacy of the fabrics, with soft lines full of personality made for you, so that you can enjoy everything Porto has to offer to the full.

Don’t wait any longer. Come visit us. Now, really, is the best time.

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