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In the heart of Porto’s historic centre, a remarkable transformation took place in 2015. At a time when tourism in the city was still in its infancy, a group of visionaries undertook the restoration of an old 19th century iron warehouse.

With talented professionals involved, the dream took shape. Concrete, iron and wood came together to create a space where luxury dialogues with history.

The dream multiplied when a small building nearby, also an old warehouse, inspired the creation of Apartamentos na Rua das Flores.

For the curious, it’s now clear why this boutique luxury hotel was given the peculiar name “Armazém”.

Today, with nine rooms and three flats, Armazém Luxury Housing is a place where classic and modern intertwine, offering unique experiences to guests from all corners of the world. At 74 Largo de São Domingos, where iron was once stored, the memories and experiences of those who pass through are now kept. These buildings are and always will be – A Warehouse.

“Um sonho, um rio, um encontro.

Onde ontem se armazenou ferro, hoje colhem-se emoções que

Amanhã serão histórias, transformar-se-ão em vidas,

sorrisos e memórias.

Onde outrora se construiu o porto,

Agora constroem-se vivências.

De inspirações e vontades, de detalhes e luxos,

Renasce um armazém…

Um lugar, um mundo para se guardar,

Para se trazer e levar momentos,

Recordações, iluminações de uma vida melhor,

que merece ser celebrada enquanto é concretizada.

É todo esse conforto que queremos partilhar consigo, é toda essa satisfação que queremos que partilhe connosco.

Welcome to Armazém.

Location, Location Location.

On holiday, location is one of the most important factors.

When you stay at Armazém Luxury Housing, you’re already in the city centre. In fact, the streets of both our buildings are already tourist attractions not to be missed.

Vibrant during the day and quiet at night, Largo de São Domingos and Rua das Flores are two emblematic places in the heart of Porto. Largo de São Domingos is known for its cosy atmosphere and is surrounded by historic buildings dating back centuries. Right next door, Rua das Flores is a picturesque street lined with charming shops, cosy cafés and restaurants serving delicious Portuguese cuisine. Both locations are within walking distance of renowned tourist attractions such as the iconic Livraria Lello, with its stunning architecture, the majestic Clérigos Tower and the magical São Bento Station.

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