6 Instagrammable Places in Porto

Social media has changed the way people live their daily lives, and nowadays everything has to be “Instagrammable.” But what does this concept actually mean? Instagrammable means “attractive or interesting enough to be suitable for photographing and posting on the social media service, Instagram.” Well… it makes total sense! Our lives have come to an almost “why bother doing it if I can’t post it?” type of thing. And more than ever before, this concept applies to travel! When you’re on vacation, you want to see and be at places where you can take a cute picture or video for Instagram. You pack your favorite clothes, you get your iPhone or camera, and come to a new city, looking for the perfect spot to show your amazing lifestyle. And no judgment, we all kind of do it…

With this, we decided to make a list of the most “Instagrammable” places in Porto:


It seems pretty obvious why our luxury boutique hotel must be first on this list. In the tourist center of downtown Porto, with amazing architecture and interior design, this is one of the most outstanding places that you could ever post on social media. Our range of rooms and apartments, all different but aligned with the concept of creating an unforgettable experience, can, with no doubt, be a place to take the perfect picture for social media. Not only the rooms per se, but all of our buildings are so uniquely built and furnished that even the halls are Instagrammable. That is probably why every day we receive requests from influencers asking to visit us! They and we know that this is a very unique space, different from all the hotels and boutique hotels that you have ever visited. Just book it, and see for yourself… we can guarantee you will agree with us!


They are called “The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World,” and we agree! With hundreds of years of history, this bookshop is indeed one of the most beautiful places you can visit when in Porto. Every day, hundreds of people buy a ticket just to take that perfect picture on the top or bottom of their famous staircase. This is definitely a place to visit, with or without a camera. The architecture, the books, the culture, all together in one magical place.


The sidewall of the famous Carmo’s Church in downtown Porto truly tells a story. The famous white and blue tiles that have been there for hundreds of years are just simply magical. Thousands of tourists go there every day to try and take the best picture, and they get it every time. Unique beauty is hard to miss… even for a camera!


In downtown Porto, if you go towards the Douro River, you will find the Ribeira area. With an amazing view of the famous D. Luís Bridge and Vila Nova de Gaia, the city on the other side of the river. There you have multiple bars and restaurants and lots of people with their cameras and phones taking pictures. Go and take yours!


Besides being the perfect spot to watch the Porto sunset and relax, this is definitely one of the city’s most Instagrammable places. With an amazing view, it is almost mandatory that you visit. It will stay in your heart.



If you go from downtown Porto towards the Foz area, you will find the place where the river meets the sea! And around that area, you have Passeio Alegre Garden. With amazing palm trees and a view to die for, this is one of the best places to take a picture. This is not only a tourist stop; it’s actually where a lot of Porto residents go to relax, walk, and of course… make an Instagram story!

In a city so beautiful as Porto, almost every place is perfect for a picture. So, this won’t be our last article about this subject!

But all jokes aside, it doesn’t matter if you take any pictures or videos, or even if you have a social media account or not – your visit to Porto will be worth it, and you will never forget it – especially if you stay with us, at Armazém Luxury Housing.

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